Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

Surely you find a space in your town to dedicate a sublime moment. The relaxing body to body massage in kailash colony that offers you The Aromatherapy Baths will give your skin back its youthful and luminous appearance and will manage to eliminate your stress thanks to aromatherapy.

This relaxing body massage in kailash colony delhi will bring a plus of vitality and smoothness to a newly nourished skin. All this while activating the senses and providing a great anti-stress relaxation.

The use of essential oils along with the benefits of aromatherapy and smooth and harmonious movements make this massage a sensitive-relaxing session that will eliminate daily stress.

Let yourself go for 60 intense minutes to an absolute disconnection that will become your great moment of the week, what you enjoy!


Swedish massage

Swedish massage (myofascial release) is a complementary treatment for injuries and muscle fatigue. It may be indicated for migraines, back pain, neck and head, torticollis, low back pain and sciatic nerve pain.

Benefits: It increases lymphatic and blood circulation, releases myofascias, increases stretching and fights general muscle tension. It is also a complement in treatments against fibromyalgia, body aches, bumps, pain after training, RSI (repetitive strain injury), tendonitis, headaches and insomnia.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage uses techniques applied to all muscle groups to relieve intense pain as well as knead any contracts that can cause discomfort. The purpose of this massage is also relaxation in the first place, but the firmer pressure is applied. You will feel calm and rejuvenated after our excellent deep tissue massage! This massage focuses on different layers of muscle tissue and tendons and helps you relax and relieve any pain you may feel due to contractions.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is one of these therapies. Originally from India, this technique is able to relax, harmonize body, mind and spirit and, consequently, bring various health benefits.

His philosophy regards the individual as a whole, an integral being, composed of body, mind and spirit. And it is the harmony between these three factors that ensures a healthy life.

Ayurvedic massage is indicated for anyone who wishes to pursue a healthier lifestyle, since it can provide well-being on the physical, psycho-emotional, social and spiritual levels.

However, the main goals of ayurvedic massage are relief from tensions, strengthening of the immune system, stimulation of muscles and circulation, greater flexibility and combat stress.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage consists of a massage technique that combines maneuvers of different techniques, such as Ayurvedic massage.

The movements are firm and strong, with many maneuvers of kneading, pressing and sliding.

The massage is typically applied with aromatic and essential oils, the most commonly used being jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

The session works the client from head to toe, providing an intense experience, especially for those who seek great relaxation.

Some indications:

  • sleep disorders;
  • muscular tensions;
  • anxiety;
  • circulation dysfunctions;
  • stress.
  • Some contraindications:
  • pregnancy;
  • Recent injuries;
  • heart problems;
  • changes in blood pressure.

Thai massage

The Thai massage, or Thai massage, as it is also known, is a massage that promotes physical and emotional well-being, enhancing the quality of life and the health of the individual.

It can be made by individuals of all ages and focuses mainly on the main energetic points of the body in order to release all contained energy, rebalancing the body, being the perfect union between Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Yoga .

Benefits of Thai Massage

Some of the benefits presented in this type of massage are:

  • Increased flexibility of muscles;
  • Greater knowledge of your own body;
  • Relaxation through the relief of muscles;
  • Have a sense of general well-being through the release of your vital energy;

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage in kailash colony, which uses essential oils, is considered one of the most pleasant relaxation methods that provides biological regeneration of the body. Massage of the whole body relaxes and reduces mental tension. In addition, it reduces menstrual tension, supports the immune system in the fight against adverse environmental conditions. Relaxing massage also helps you to take physical activity and indirectly contributes to the reduction of body fat.

Energizes the body and mind, relieves muscle pain, physical and mental fatigue, stress, sleep problems, moisturizes the skin and detoxifies the body.

It also helps combat edema (fluid retention) and weight loss.

Hot stones massage

Hot stone massage was already known in antiquity. Researchers say that the technique of massage with hot and cold stones is older than acupuncture. The healing massage with stones is based on the theory of energy flow through the body. In our body there are centers of energy, called yoga chakras. Former Chinese and Indian physicians have developed detailed maps of energy points. Hot stone massage allows a better flow of energy through a tired or sick body. Special stones for massage also stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the body.

When you finish the massage, make sure the client wants to leave another session checked. This will cause you to create a link with that customer and for sure, he will come back at a next opportunity.

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