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Benefits of Massage

Massage is able to provide physical and emotional benefits

In another article here on the site I made a joke that “who does not like massage, good guy is not …”, but if we stop to reflect, this game has a real background.

Just does not like to massage the person who has never received a session and does not know the benefits that massage can provide for our body.

Get to know now the benefits of massage that go far beyond relaxation.


From what we know about the history and origin of massage therapy, Hippocrates (460-377 BC), considered the father of medicine, already used massage as a therapeutic tool in his patients.

The power of touch and maneuvers performed in the massage is able to strengthen the body’s immune system, responsible for our defense against diseases.

During a massage session, cortisol, the hormone released by the body when we are stressed, suffers a considerable reduction, which helps a lot to combat the stress of modern life.

Also during massage, there is the increase of the dopamine, neurotransmitter responsible for the sensation of pleasure, which explains the feeling of relaxation and well being after a massage session.


People who do not know very well the benefits of massage associate the practice only for relaxation as an objective, however, the massage is capable of providing several other physical and emotional benefits, of which we can highlight:

Reduces anxiety
Combats depression as it promotes the sense of well-being
Fight stress
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Reduces tension and muscle pain
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste


As we have seen, the benefits of massage go far beyond relaxation and this is a scientifically proven practice for disease prevention and health promotion.

To ensure the benefits that massage can provide you, we always advise a trained professional to ensure the effectiveness and responsibility of the treatment, even in cases where there are contraindications to the massage.

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