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Massage and care is one of the most important and sensitive issues. If you are going to make a massage massage room is a reliable place, your health is very important in terms of time and money. In the quality Istanbul home massage oils are used, the suitable environment is provided, the service is done in the best way and the people are experienced. The best way to do massage and care is to take care of your stress.

In Wellness Spa and Beauty, massage and spa area, following the developments in the world and providing service to its customers with its high quality service understanding, you can make your skin care as well as make your epilation, open the obstacles in your lymph system; personal massage treatments and regional thinning.

About Massage

Massage treatments in general; to relieve the scar tissue and adhesions, to relieve muscle spasms, tendon inflammation and insomnia. It is also very useful in the treatment of painful conditions and diseases such as migraine headaches.

There are two effects in massage applications. The first of these effects is the heat build-up during the massage application, which occurs during the energy flow of the massage person. This eventually accelerates blood flow and creates a sense of refreshenance and relaxation in the person being massaged.

Secondly, the application of certain hormones to certain parts of the body results in the release of hormones and these hormones have a regulatory effect on the body. As a result, the balance of the body is restored.

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